Goofproof Exterior Home Maintenance to Save Money

Get outdoors and save more than 50% by doing these basic chores and repairs to the exterior of your home and property. These are no-brainer jobs anyone can do.

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Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Take a look at these upgrades and improvements that are low cost solutions to reduce your heating bill so it's not a burden.

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Get in the Halloween Spirit with a Crossword Puzzle

Costumes ready and giveaway treats all set? Take some time to work this Halloween Puzzle meant for parents and kids alike.

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Age Proof Your Parents' Home

Make "doing everyday things" comfortable and convenient so your parents can live in an accident-proof home for as long as they choose.

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Keep it together

When you're planning to decorate or remodel a room keep everything involved in the project in one place - a notebook for magazine pages with ideas, a crate in the car for wallpaper books, tile and flooring samples, and a folder in your PDF for contact information for contractors and links to Web sites with information you want.

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