Mulch Matters - Here's How Much It Costs

A layer of bark mulch protects plant roots and prevents the growth of weeds. Plus, it looks nice in any garden bed. Use the calculator and read the instructions.

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Cost to Paint - NOT Replace Kitchen Cabinets

A budget-minded solution to remodeling a kitchen is painting, not replacing cabinets. Learn how-to do the job and compare DIYing with hiring a pro. Intensive, but well worth the effort.

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How Much to Replace a Mowed Down Mailbox?

Compare the cost of installing a mailbox yourself with hiring a contractor for the job.

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Change the Room with a Drop (Suspended) Ceiling

Streamline a room with a fresh look up at a stylish drop ceiling to conceal a not-so-perfect surface.

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Plan ahead for drainage system

While you're digging a trench for a drainage system, consider landscaping the area with new plantings and ground covers that are low to the ground and don't interfere with the drainage.

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