Car Won't Fit in the Garage?

Give the garage a much-needed overhaul. Learn about projects to make it orderly whether you make room for the car or create a mancave.

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Cost Reports: Bathroom Tubs, Showers and Fixtures

Thinking about remodeling a bathroom? Plan your budget with these job costs for remodeling and installing all the components and materials.

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How to Install an Aluminum Awning

Protect interior furnishings from the sun while adding a nice detail to your home's exterior with an aluminum awning. Here's how to do it.

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Install a Furnace Humidifier - a What?

A furnace humidifier improves the air quality in your home to regulate the moisture level and prevent dry conditions.

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Chrome cleaner

To clean chrome faucets and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom try using toothpaste. I rub it on the fixture and wipe it off and it really shines.

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