Make Rudy, the Masked Log and Twig Reindeer

Even Rudolph wears a Face Mask! Follow the cutting list and directions to make our endearing reindeer to decorate your home and yard.

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Advice about Upgrading Your Furnace

If you're considering replacing your heating system here's what to think about before calling in an HVAC contractor.

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When It's Your Time, Or Your Money

A look back at home upgrades comparing the cost of remodeling work 28 years ago with job costs today.

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'Tis the Season for Holiday Electrical Safety

As you plan your lighting decorations read this advice first to prevent any "shocking" accidents with your twinkling, sparkling displays.

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Foam insulation for tight spots

Foam insulation works where no other insulation can. We have an old house with a crooked door and the only way to seal around it was with an insulating foam. When it was hard I cut it off, sanded and painted it. You'd never know it was there.

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