Spotlight on Look-alike Products

Take advantage of fool-the-eye products that mimic the real thing when decorating and enjoy making them part of your home décor.

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How Saving Water Can Save Energy

Lower your water bill, help conserve water, and save money - all at the same time. Make these simple changes in the way you live at home.

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Contractor's Checklist for a Remodeling Job

The best laid plans usually involve a checklist. Take a look at the details of a remodeling project and what information should be in a contract for the job.

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How to Install a Furnace Humidifier

The unit regulates the moisture level inside your home to prevent dry conditions. Find out what's involved and how much it costs.

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Today's Tip

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Make a Japanese beetle trap

My neighbor had a tree ruined by Japanese beetles and another one under attack. She made a potion that's doing a good job of killing the beetles before they succeed. She took a gallon milk container and cut off the top leaving the handle in tact. The potion she poured into the container was a cup of water with 1/4 cup of sugar and a packet of yeast. She added a mashed up banana and hung it on a branch about 3-4 feet above the ground. The beetles die in the potion and her tree appears safe.

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