Cost to Build a Board or Batten Fence

The average price to Build a Board or Batten Fence noted above is cost data to compare a contractor’s estimate with doing it yourself. How much is a board and batten fence? The contractor cost to build a board and batten fence is $1991 vs. doing it yourself for $1200 and saving 40 percent.  If … Read more

Cost to Install a Bathroom Light or Vent

The average price to Install a Bathroom Light or Vent noted above is cost data to compare a contractor’s estimate with doing it yourself. One of the smartest additions we made to a bathroom was replacing an old ceiling light/vent with a smart one designed to sense when someone entered or left the room and … Read more

How to Install a Deck Awning

Tools Required Phillips screwdriver Hand drill 9/64-in. drill bit Carpenter’s level Carpenter’s square Tape measure Hand saw Materials Required ShadeTree ® components (2 to 3) 12-ft 4×4-in. wooden posts Ready-mix cement Clear silicone caulk Caulk gun Before You Begin Unpack the components of the canopy unit and become familiar with the various parts and pieces … Read more

How to Install Quarry Tiles

Tools Required Utility knife Carpenter’s level Carpenter’s square Chalk line Grout float Tape measure Hammer Old toothbrush Notched trowel or spreader Tile cutter Tile nippers Pliers Shop vacuum Materials Required Cement backerboardand screws Fiberglass tape Dry mortar Quarry tiles Tile spacers Latex thin set mortaradhesive Work gloves Sponge Tile cleaner Silicone caulk Clean rags Safety … Read more

Revive Rusty Lawn Furniture

Give a new lease on life to rusty metal lawn furniture and equipment. It’s a recycle and renew job to keep them in tiptop shape with a spray paint makeover. Give new life to old lawn furniture with a quick facelift of spray paint. Revitalize an old plant stand and fill it with colorful geraniums … Read more

Age Friendly Room Checklist

Take a walk around your home and survey the rooms with this checklist of 56 age-friendly features. You may be surprised that there are simple changes you can make to make it more comfortable for everyone who lives there. You want to make your home as comfortable, convenient and safe as possible so you can … Read more

Choices in Attic Flooring

Make the most of unused space in an unfinished attic with the addition of floor decking. Flooring panels and decking materials that are easy to install make it doable for a homeowner to finish an open attic so that it’s a usable and safe storage area. An unfinished attic offers additional storage space especially for … Read more