How to Install a Weathervane

Tools Required Drill with bits Hacksaw Vise Ladder Materials Required Weathervane Mounting hardware Silicone caulk Before You Begin Below are the steps involved in installing a weathervane. Step 1 : Assemble the weathervane If the vane requires assembly, put it together following the directions provided by the manufacturer. Assembly is straightforward and usually consists of … Read more

Tip: Make hangers slide

If your clothes hangers don’t slide freely on a wooden or metal closet pole rod, get out a roll of wax paper. Remove all the hangers and then rub wax paper around the surface of the rod for its entire length. Return the hangers to the closet and you’ll be amazed how well this works.

How to Install Closet Shelf and Rod

Tools Required Measuring tape Carpenter’s level Stud finder Hand saw Hammer Step ladder Electric drill with bits Materials Required Shelf Rod, supports with screws Bracket with screws 1×4 wood cleats Nails Before You Begin Here is how to install a closet shelf and rod. A simple closet shelf and rod consist of the shelf, cleats attached … Read more

How to Install Polystyrene Molding

Materials Required Architectural Accentswindow surround Millwork adhesive Finish nails Spackling compound 220 grit sandpaper Before You Begin Below are the instruction steps about how to install molding.  Step 1 : Prepare the window Remove the existing molding surrounding the window called the casing. Use a pry bar and putty knife to pry the casing off the … Read more

How to Install a Gas Wall Heater

Tools Required Drill/driver Hole saw Screwdrivers Tape measure Stud finder Pipe wrenches Electrical tools Materials Required Drywall screws Pipe Pipe fittings Electrical wiring Before You Begin Vent-free gas space heaters are available in several cabinet sizes, ranging from compact units sufficient for a small bath to fireplace-like models for large rooms. Most units can be wall-mounted … Read more

Multigenerational House Plans

What is a multi-gen home? It’s a home where more than one generation of a family lives under one roof. Get inspired and find ideas from these multigenerational house plans designed for members of the same family living together. You need to be sure to meet the needs of younger residents as well as the … Read more

How to Install an Aluminum Awning

Tools Required Carpenter’s level Electric drill with bits Caulk gun Materials Required Awning Hangers and braces Sheet metal screws Braces Silicone caulk Ladders Before You Begin You’ll need the help of someone strong enough to hold the awning while you work on securing it above the window. The project involves assembling the awning and then … Read more

How To DIY

Are you considering a DIY project but aren’t sure how to get started or even if you can do this on your own? Well, you’ve come to the right place. DIY or Not is here to provide detailed instructions along with pictures to help you out in the process. You can also find guides to … Read more

Bat Roosting Box Woodworking Plans

Make a place for bats in your backyard. Build a roosting box for them with this easy-to-follow free woodworking plan. Only a few basic tools are needed. There’s a lot of misinformation about bats. Many people think they’re dangerous critters, but actually, bats are one of man’s best friends because they eat mosquitoes and other … Read more

Bat and Ball Rack Woodworking Plans

Here’s a free woodworking project plan and easy-to-follow instructions any slugger will love. It’s a bat and ball rack to keep your gear neatly stored and ready to go. What better place to stow baseball equipment than this simple-to-build ball and bat rack? Any Little Leaguer can proudly display his or her favorite baseball gear … Read more