Cost to Weatherproof a Window – 2021

| Last Updated: August 24, 2021

National Average Improvement and Repair Cost







$ 90

$ 45

Would you do this project? According to our survey, 71% of respondents preferred DIY compared to hiring a pro.

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The average price to Weatherproof a Window noted above is cost data to compare a contractor’s estimate with doing it yourself.

How much does it cost to weatherproof a window? The cost of a handyman to install 4 interior storm windows is $90 but you can do it yourself for $45 and save 49 percent.

Seal up a drafty window and keep your energy bills under control with an inexpensive window insulation kit. It isn’t pretty or a permanent solution, but an interior storm window is a quick fix to stop wind from whistling through old rattling windows.

Window insulation kits are sold in hardware stores and home centers. They contain plastic sheeting and double-faced tape that you cut and install on the inside of the window.

You measure the window and cut the sheeting, tape the sheeting to the window trim to cover the glass, and then install it using a hair dryer. The blast of hot air from the dryer creates a shrink-wrap that seals the window from inside and creates a clear, tight-fitting film. You also need a measuring tape, scissors, a utility knife and a stepladder.

Installing window insulation film is an ideal job for a first-time do-it-yourselfer because it’s easy to do and requires so few tools. A handyman will charge $90 to install four window insulation kits. However, you can buy the kits for $45 and install them in a few hours, saving 49 percent.

Move any furniture that might get in your way, and push aside any window treatments. For the best results, wash the window and trim around it and let the surface dry to give the tape a clean surface to adhere to.

Watch a video from Stanek Windows on How to Insulate Windows with Plastic for Winter.

Wrapping up, given the average cost to weatherproof a window you can compare the price of a contractor’s bid with doing it yourself. 

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