Best Latex Paint Sprayers of 2021: The Complete Guide

| Last Updated: October 23, 2022

As more people move away from roller and brush painting, the desire for the best type of paint to use in different projects continues to grow. 

Wagner FLEXiO 590

Unfortunately, there are so many paint sprayers to choose from. Thus, finding an ideal type may not be easy. Most of these sprayers vary by features and efficiency, making each suitable for specific applications.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best latex paint sprayers you can shop for today. But first, let’s look at things you should consider before buying a latex paint sprayer.

Comparison of the Best Latex Paint Sprayers

  • Powerful turbine sprays unthinned materials
  • Max Tip Size: 2.5mm
  • Capacity: 1.5 qt
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  • For medium to large-size projects
  • Max Tip Size: 2.5mm
  • Capacity: 33 oz
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  • Best for the Money
  • Max Tip Size: 2.6mm
  • Capacity: 1000 ml
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  • Best HVLP Sprayer for Latex Paint
  • Max Tip Size: 4.0mm
  • Capacity: 40 oz
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  • Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Latex
  • Max Tip Size: 0.017"
  • Capacity: 1 or 5 gal
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What to Look For When Buying a Latex Paint Sprayer

The market is packed with different types of latex paint sprayers. Making the right choice requires proper knowledge of features to look out for. Below is an overview of things to consider before buying a latex paint sprayer.

Sprayer Type

Sprayers vary by speed, flow rate, cost, and conveniences such as weight and size. Some sprayers are only suitable for small DIY projects, while others are multipurpose. The best choice will depend on the types of projects you have at hand.

For instance, go for a sprayer with a larger paint capacity if you plan to work more on big projects that require a lot of paint. That way, you’ll save more time used in refilling the paint bucket after every few minutes. 

However, the most important consideration for latex paint sprayers is pressure. Go for powerful latex sprayers that emit high pressure when painting.  

Tip Size

Paint sprayers come in different tip sizes. Light coatings such as stains, enamels, and lacquers work well with smaller tips. For thick latex paint, slightly larger tips will suffice. Find the right fit depending on the type of your sprayer and the paint thickness. Pay attention to the maximum recommended tip size.

Hose Size

The inner diameter and the overall length of your spray gun hose are essential considerations when buying a sprayer. This applies to both airless and HVLP sprayers. A smaller insider diameter equals less air delivery to the gun; thus, more difficulty in spraying thicker paints.

An ideal inside diameter should be about 3/8 inch or more. The hose length should be between 20 to 25 feet if you intend to work on expansive projects. 

The hose length should not be a big issue if you intend to work on small projects that don’t require frequent movements or if you intend to buy a lightweight sprayer. 

Dynastus Siphon Feed Spray Gun

Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the amount of paint your spray gun can deliver in a minute. The higher the amount, the faster the sprayer. Most airless paint sprayers will pump more than 2,000 PSI latex paint. 

HVLP sprayers can pump approximately 20-30 square feet in 3 minutes. Check the psi specification on the paint sprayer or ask your dealer to guide you before purchasing.

Spray Pattern

Most sprayers offer multiple spray patterns. Some advanced airless sprayers can offer up to 12 different patterns. Check available options and compare the nature of your projects before buying. 

The adjustable flow rate settings and air cap determine the number of spray patterns a sprayer can produce. 

Weight and Size

The sprayer’s weight and size are important considerations, especially if you’ll be holding the gun for long hours. Although most bigger spray guns offer high pressure and better flow rate, they can be uncomfortable to work with over extended durations.

If you intend to work on projects that run for long, there are compact, robust sprayer models with good ergonomics you can choose from.

Key Terms to Know

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean!

  • Maximum Tip Size: The largest tip size recommended by the manufacturer for use with the unit.

  • Hose Length: The length of the sprayer hose.

  • Flow Rate: This indicates the maximum delivery flow rate of the paint based on the unit’s horsepower and recommended tip size.

  • Capacity: The amount of paint the sprayer can contain at a time. Measured in CCs, gallons, quarts, milliliters, or cups.

  • Motor Size: The wattage or horsepower the motor produces.

  • Weight: The actual weight of the sprayer.

  • Dimensions: The length, width, height of the sprayer.

Review of the Best Paint Sprayers for Latex

Based on the nature of your painting project and budget, below is an exhaustive review of the best latex paint sprayers you can choose from.

Best Overall

Wagner FLEXiO 590

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Sprays Unthinned Latex, Includes Two Nozzles - iSpray & Detail Finish Nozzle, Complete Adjustability for All Needs


Maximum Tip Size: 2.5mm

Hose Length: 11 1/2″

Flow Rate: 0.13 GPM

Capacity: 1.5 qt

Motor: 550 watts

Weight: 2.11 lbs

Dimensions: 15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9″

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Wagner FLEXiO 590 offers excellent pressure, can work with different types of paint, and is also suitable for big tasks and small DIY projects.

The upgraded turbine provides a robust and faster spray. Two nozzles ensure a fine finish on any surface. The machine may be heavier but comes with a long hose pipe—you’ll not need to move a lot.

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 sprayer also offers impressive flow rate control that doesn’t require constant adjusting.

Bottom Line

Wagner FLEXiO 590 is among the premium latex paint sprayers in the industry today. Its enhanced pressure and variability across many applications make it a favorite for both professionals and DIYers. 

Its only major downside is its weight, which makes it cumbersome for projects requiring many movements.


Can spray unthinned materials

Up to 15 times faster than using a roller or brush

Includes two nozzles—iSpray nozzle for larger jobs and detail finish nozzle for small projects

Can be used on different projects such as finishing on furniture, walls, fences, ceilings, and more


A little challenging to clean

May be heavy to carry around on projects that involve a lot of movements


Dynastus Siphon Feed Spray Gun

Dynastus 33 oz Siphon Feed Spray Gun - 2.5mm Nozzle for Spraying Oil-Based or Latex Paints, with Filtering and Cleaning Kits


Maximum Tip Size: 2.5mm

Capacity: 33 oz

Motor: 3 HP compressor required

Weight: 3.05 lbs

Dimensions: 7.09 x 4.33 x 12.01″

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Dynastus Siphon Feed Spray Gun package includes a wire brush, 100 mesh filter funnel, handle toothbrush, 1/4 NPT female plug, and an extra spanner, making cleaning and maintenance a hassle-free process.

The sprayer has a precise fan pattern and a separately adjustable fluid that ensures very little paint wastage. It is a multipurpose spray gun suitable for different applications such as automotive, homes, and furniture.

Additionally, the spray gun works perfectly for latex and oil-based paints. Paints may require thinning with water for best results.

Bottom Line

Quality latex paint is generally thicker. However, when using the Dynastus Siphon Feed spray gun, you’ll need to thin the paint with some water for the best results when used as a spray finish.

The amount of water to add varies across paint brands. Most latex paint will require just about 10% water. Do not exceed 25% water for any latex paint. 

Hold the spray gun at least eight inches from the surface while spraying with the Dynastus Siphon Feed, or you’ll risk over spraying and too much dripping.


Easy to clean

Perfect for latex and oil-based paints

Durable aluminum construction

Adjustable fan and fluid pattern to fit your preferences

Suitable for multiple applications like home, furniture, and automotive painting


Paint may require extra thinning for best results

Best for the Money

Scuddles High Power Sprayer

Scuddles Paint Sprayer, 1200 Watt Paint Gun HVLP for Home Interior and Exterior Includes 5 Nozzles and Cleaning Brush Accessories


Maximum Tip Size: 2.6 mm

Capacity: 1000 mL

Motor: 1200 watts

Weight: 4.44 lbs

Dimensions: 13.19 x 12.05 x 5.94″

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Scuddles High Power Sprayer is suitable for outdoor applications such as fencing, decks, and siding, thanks to its long cord and compatible size. You can also use the machine for indoor spraying walls, moldings, doors, and other small projects.

The adjustable flow control allows you to regulate the paint using the gun’s control knob.

The package also includes a cleaning brush and unclogging pins, making the sprayer gun extremely easy to clean. The package also contains three straws, reducing the cleaning work further.

A 1000ml paint container holds enough paint, thus saving you the stress of constant refilling when working on a larger surface.

Bottom Line

Scuddles high power sprayer comes with some of the most remarkable features you’d look for in a latex paint sprayer. A bigger paint capacity, adjustable paint flow control, three nozzle sizes, five spray rotations, and a cleaning brush for easy and fast cleaning make it a favorite to many.


Includes replacement nozzles and straws

Easy to clean (includes cleaning attachments)

Suitable for multiple applications in fence, wall, and door painting

Lightweight with ergonomic design for prolonged working hours without getting fatigued

Long power cord is helpful when working on outdoor projects far from the power source


Ideal for small DIY projects only

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Latex Paint

HomeRight Super Finish Max

HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer, Spray Gun for Countless Painting Projects, 3 Superior Brass Spray Tips, 3 Spray Patterns


Maximum Tip Size: 4.0 mm

Hose Length: 25 ft

Capacity: 40 oz

Motor: 450 watts

Weight: 3.3 lbs

Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 12.5″

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HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer doesn’t require any special knowledge to operate. The spray gun is highly versatile and can be used on small DIY projects and major remodeling projects.

Its ergonomic construction on the handle makes it comfortable to use for long hours. 

An adjustable knob allows you to regulate the spray depending on the nature of the task at hand.

Bottom Line

HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer is straightforward to operate right from the box, even for a novice. The different spray tips make it more versatile —you can use them to create three or more patterns if you decide to go for extra tips.


Generous 2-year warranty

Powerful 450 watts experience for higher pressure

Ergonomically comfortable to hold in the hand for a long time

Adjustable spray settings to minimize overspray and wastage


Consumes more paint than using a brush or a roller

Not as powerful as other types of latex paint sprayers

Requires careful paint thinning to the desired consistency to achieve a smooth finish

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Latex

Graco Magnum X7

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, Gray


Maximum Tip Size: 0.017″

Hose Length: 75 ft

Flow Rate: 0.31 GPM

Capacity: 1-5 gallon

Motor: 110 watts

Weight: 26 lbs

Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 37″

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Graco Magnum X7 comes with a fully adjustable pressure that gives you complete control over the amount of paint to dispense on different surfaces.

The piston pump can spray thick latex paint efficiently at high pressure.

The power flush adapter allows for fast and efficient cleaning when connected to the garden hose.

The sprayer also comes with a very long hose of up to 25 feet. It is suitable for working on a multi-story building of two to three floors without the challenge of constantly moving the machine. 

The cart design also makes it easy to move around for outdoor projects.

Bottom Line

A five-gallon paint bucket, hose length of up to 25 ft, and good cart design make Graco Magnum X7 one of the best latex paint sprayers for midsize DIY home spraying tasks and other industrial applications.


Sprays unthinned paint

Offers continuous spraying to save time

Long hose suitable for multi-story homes

Fast and easy cleaning hence saves you time

Adjustable paint flow to prevent overspray and blubbing


Some users report the bucket hook does not hold its five-gallon firmly in position

The tip is prone to clogging and may require you to add thinner to your latex paint or reverse its RAC 1V Switch tip to spray continuously

Types of Spray Guns for Latex Paint

There are four main types of paint spray guns. These include airless paint sprayers, conventional compressor sprayers, HVLP sprayers, and handheld sprayers. However, for latex paint applications, below are the three main options to consider.

Airless Paint Sprayers

These are the most efficient latex paint sprayers. They are the most suitable where speed is a concern, such as in large surface projects. They’ll spray even the most viscous or unthinned latex paint with less struggle because of their high-pressure output.

HVLP Sprayer

HVLP sprayers may not be the best choice when working with thick latex paint unless they are substantially thinning. They produce low pressure, making them only suitable for smaller DIY projects.

Handheld Sprayers

Handheld sprayers suffer speed restrictions just like their HVLP counterparts. However, they are more affordable and a better option for DIYers who want to achieve a smooth finish faster without using a brush or a roller.

HomeRight Super Finish Max

How Do Latex Paint Sprayers Compare?

Latex paint sprayers are just one of the many types of paint sprayers for specific paint types. Here’s how they compare with other types of sprayers for other paint types.

Paint Sprayer For Enamel vs Latex



  • Enamel sprayers give a glossy finish, while latex sprayers offer a more colorful finish due to the resin used in the paint

  • Enamel sprayers are primarily used for indoor painting. Latex sprayers that use water-based paints are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Enamel paint sprayers require less pressure to work efficiently

  • Enamel sprayers produce a solid irritating odor that can be toxic. Latex sprayers have milder smells.

  • The most efficient latex paint sprayers are airless

  • Enamel paint sprayers can be airless, HVLP, or handheld and still work efficiently
HomeRight Super Finish Max

Paint Sprayer For Water Based Paint vs Latex


  • Both sprayers can be cleaned with water and soap

  • Both sprayers can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Both sprayers do not use special solvents—the primary solvent used is water.


  • Latex paint sprayers require more pressure for a smooth finish

  • You’ll need to spray multiple coats to achieve a smooth finish with a water-based paint sprayer

  • Latex paint sprayers use slightly larger paint nozzles than water-based paint sprayers.

Top Brands in the Latex Paint Sprayer Space

Latex paint sprayer space consists of multiple players offering a wide range of spray guns. Below are top brands with some of the best latex paint sprayers in the industry.  

Wagner Spraytech

Wagner SprayTech dates its operations to 1953, when Josef Wagner—the founder, developed the first electrical spraying tools for homeowners and other contractors. 

Fast forward to 1960. The company started producing airless high-pressure paint sprayers and piston pumps. During the same year, 1960, Wagner had become the biggest manufacturer of airless high-pressure paint spray systems in Europe. 

Today, Wagner is a household name in latex paint sprayer manufacturing with production plants all over the globe. Wagner FLEXiO 590 is a top-tier latex sprayer from the company.


HomeRight brand is a Wagner Holding Inc. subsidiary that deals with paint applicators. Its paint products are used in commercial painting, home improvement, and various industrial finishing needs. HomeRight manufactures some of the best HVLP paint sprayers for latex paint—HomeRight Super Finish Max and the airless HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 sprayer.


Graco invented its first portable airless paint sprayer more than 60 years ago. Until today, the company has been innovating different types of quality sprayers for big and small contractors. 

Graco designs and builds its sprayers in the US using leading industry equipment that guarantees high quality. 

All Graco paint sprayers are 100% field-proven and factory tested. Graco Magnum X7 is among the best latex paint sprayers from the company.

Price Points of Latex Paint Sprayers

Latex paint sprayers vary significantly according to price. Some of the most expensive spray guns are the most efficient and offer multiple spraying options. However, painting needs vary, and costly may always not mean the best. 

Below is an overview of latex paint sprayers according to price and applications.

$35 – $100

Scuddles High Power Sprayer and Dynastus Siphon Feed Spray Gun will work faster and efficiently than rollers and brushes on small DIY projects. They operate at low speed and must be used with thinned latex paint. They are the best choice for novices.

$100 – $200

Most HVLP Latex Paint Sprayers fall under this category. 

These sprayers are more potent than handheld latex paint sprayers but only suited for small to midsize applications. They emit low-pressure and only work well with thinned latex paint. Sprayers in this price range include Wagner FLEXiO 590 and Paint Zoom.


These are premium sprayers with top-end engineering. They have the least paint wastage, come with more spray patterns, a great variety of fluid nozzles, and offer the finest atomization. 

Some of the sprayers under this category include Graco Magnum X7 Airless Sprayer and HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800.

Scuddles High Power Sprayer


Painting can be an easy DIY project once you gather the right equipment and resources. That includes knowing the type of paint and sprayer to use on different projects. Paint sprayers will give you the satisfaction of a professionally finished surface if you do everything right.

However, for best results when working with a latex paint sprayer, pay close attention to the type of spray gun you intend to use. Top features to consider when shopping include the number of spray tips, paint flow rate—high pressure is better, hose size, safety, weight, and size.

People Also Ask

Many people confuse different types of latex paint sprayers and their applications on various projects. Below we answer common questions about latex paint sprayers and their uses.

Can You Spray Latex Paint With an Air Sprayer?

Most quality latex paints are thick. They require a lot of pressure to enhance the flow rate. And while you can use an air sprayer with latex paint, you may need to thin the paint to the desired consistency to get good results. 
An air sprayer uses air, which may not have as much pressure as airless sprayers that are gas- or electric-powered.  

Do You Need to Thin Latex Paint for Airless Sprayer?

Airless sprayers are the best choice for latex paints. They operate at high pressure and may not require latex paint thinning. An airless sprayer works at a higher speed and will spray up to 8 gallons of latex paint in one hour.  
However, there’s no harm in thinning the paint, but you’ll need to spray multiple coatings to achieve the desired finish. 

What Size Tip Do You Need to Spray Latex Paint?

The tip size impacts significantly on the quality of the paint finish. Many paint sprayers come with multiple tip sizes suited for different applications. The tip size to use on your sprayer depends on the thickness of the paint.
For light or thinned latex paints, you can use the smaller tips between .015 and .017. Otherwise, it’s best to use the maximum tip recommendation from the manufacturer for thicker latex paints.

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